Clinical Considerations and Troubleshooting Techniques For Anterior and Posterior Crowns




Anterior and posterior crowns are predictable restorations when there is adequate prep height for resistance and retention. However, there are times axial wall height may be limited for a variety of different reasons and “out of the box” thinking about prep design may be necessary. How can we improve the resistance and retention of crowns by modifying the tooth? Can we improve our restorative prognosis by selecting the appropriate biomaterial and cement for the case? Do we always need to replace an existing foundation restoration if it’s present? This presentation will dive into these concepts and provide clinical recommendations you can use in your practice to improve outcomes in your natural tooth crown and bridge cases.

Learning Objectives:

-Learn tips and tricks to increase retention and resistance to crowns with limited resistance and remaining tooth structure
-Discover the clinical scenarios where choosing a certain biomaterial or cement choice may improve clinical outcome
-Explore ways to speed up the crown insertion appointment.