AIRFLOW Max Intro Kit

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Hu-FriedySKU: 616-FS-477/US

Revolutionary design featuring new Guided Laminar AIRFLOW® technology, a precise synergy between air, powder, and water that reaches a new level of safety, efficiency, and comfort for patients and clinicians. 

  • Unmatched and patented nozzle outlet that allows a fully controlled water spray and minimal bounce back effect from oral cavity. 
  • Precisely staged powder channel that allows a full controlled powder flow and generates a higher acceleration of the powder particles within the nozzle. 
  • Slim and light body combined with thinner diameter in the finger location facilitates grip and maneuvering during treatment to diminish discomfort generated by intensive use. 
  • Innovative design that is more efficient and creates three times less operating noise at the recommended device settings. 
  • Kit includes AIRFLOW® MAX Handpiece, bottle of AIRFLOW® PLUS Powder, an Easy Clean, and a maintenance kit.
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