Aquafresh Isoactive Pure Breath Action 4.3oz

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GlaxoSmithKlineSKU: 827-34970

  • New! A Whole Different Feeling Of Clean Reduces Odor Causing Compounds Iso-Active Foam Because your mouth is completely unique, Aquafresh Extreme Clean has a special micro-active foam that gets into hard-to-reach places - from in-between teeth to the back of your tongue. 
  • You ll notice smoother, cleaner teeth that stay that way longer.* Contains all the power of triple protection plus special micro-polishers 
  • Fights the sources of bad breath where they hide Taking the Feeling of Clean to the Extreme!® Seeks Out Hard To reach Places With Micro-Active Foaming Action & Whitening With all the triple protection of Aquafresh, Extreme Clean s dynamic Micro-Active Foam showers your whole mouth with germ killing bubbles, helps protect teeth with fluoride, and helps to maintain healthy gums with regular brushing. 
  • Our professionally developed micro polishing
Product NameAquafresh Isoactive Pure Breath Action
Package Quantity4.3oz

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