Bora Blackline LED

Bien AirSKU: 258-1600637-001

Imagine a high-performance instrument so incredibly light and fine, yet sleek and strong. Inspired by the latest technological advances in the most demanding fields such as aeronautics, sailing and competitive sports, the Blackline Bora incorporates a carbon fiber handle.Incredibly powerful, robust and reliable, Bora turbines boast the very best of Bien-Air technology. They guarantee impeccable hygiene thanks to the Sealed Head air non-return valve and perfect nebulization with the three separate Accu-Spray air/water sprays. Finally, they have the Cool Touch push-button bur locking mechanism which reduces heating. An additional comfort your patients are sure to appreciate.Bora turbines are available in Blackline or in the classic version,available with DuaLook LED light or without light.The precision of the practitioner’s movements must be relayed to the patient with no interference of any kind. This is why it is so important that your instrument is as precise as possible. The locking and drive technologies in Bien-Air’s rotary instruments are the most precise on the market. And this is not by pure chance. The unique procedures illustrate the Swiss quality which has earned Bien-Air its credentials and reputation: parts machined to the exact micron, rectified and honed, for enhanced reliability and reduced noise levels. This gives the instruments perfect equilibrium, free from any imbalance or vibration. Their unique precision and reliability will make them indispensable.

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