ClearView Scavenging Circuit I

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Accutron, Inc.SKU: 689-43005

Accutron's ClearView Scavenging Circuit consists of a vacuum control assembly (unless vacuum controller is RFS Remote Flow System or Accu-Vac), a continuum of tubing and a complementary sampling of ClearView Single-Use Nasal Masks. Vacuum controller allows for vacuum control at NIOSH and ADA's recommended rate of 45 liters per minute. Flexible system accommodates most brands of flowmeters; bright white finish complements clinical environments. 

Scavenging circuits and rubber goods are latex-free...another feature from Accutron that helps to secure a safe and productive environment for patients, doctor and staff. 

Includes a complimentary sampling of ClearView Single-Use Nasal Masks (nasal masks included are representative of all sizes available).

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