Dyractflow Operatory Kit

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Dyract flow flowable compomer restorative offers sustained long-term fluoride release and low net volumetric shrinkage for exceptional marginal integrity. It is suitable for use as a base/liner under Class I and II restorations and can be used to block out undercuts and restore Class V preps. It is formulated to provide easy handling high surface hardness exceptional flexural modulus and high elasticity as well as optimal opacity for natural esthetics.

  • Operatory Kit
  • 6 x 1.3 g syringes 1 of each shade: A2 A3 A4 B1 C2 translucent; 1 x 3 ml syringe tooth conditioner gel; 100 prebent syringe tips; 1 x 4.5 ml bottle Prime & Bond NT; disposable brush tips dispensing well 25 applicator needles
  • Assorted
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ManufacturerDentsply - Sirona Restoratives

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