ELECTROtorque Plus Lux Motor Kit

KavoSKU: 158-1002.5015

ELECTROtorque plus LUX Motor Kit is an air/electric conversion kit for any delivery unit. To be used with KaVo GENTLEpower LUX LP or other E-type attachments. 
  • Superior power and torque 
  • Unique brushless motor (no brushes to exchange – no downtime) 
  • Quieter than brush motors 2 programmable speed settings 
  • Water spray can be adjusted at motor 
  • Motor speed range 100-40,000 rpm (with various attachments 2-200,000 rpm) 
  • Motor torque 3 Ncm 
  • Integrated light and coolant 
  • Forward/reverse speed adjustment 
  • Small, easy to install control box 
  • Unit can be calibrated to existing air pressure for optimized performance 
  • Easy handpiece maintenance 
  • Motor is autoclavable 
  • Includes KL703 – one of the shortest and lightest electric motors with exclusive 
  • SAFEdrive and MULTI LED Light

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