Fluorocore 2+ Intro Kit

FluoroCore2+ is a fluoride-releasing, dual cure, composite core build-up material consisting of two components, base and catalyst, which when mixed form a dual-cured, highly filled, composite resin core build-up material. Depth of cure 3mm in 20 seconds or can self-cure when used with Prime&Bond elect and Self-Cure Activator. It has a stackable viscosity for ease of placement and is radiopaque. 

Features and Benefits: 
  • Dual Cure
  • Bulk Fill
  • Ideal handling
  • Ensure complete curing even in the absence of light
  • Times savings when placing material as it eliminates need to place material in increments
  • Stable build-up (holds it shape during placement) and cuts like dentin
In stock
4 - AutoMix Syringes – 2 Tooth Colored, 2 Blue Colored (4.75g ea) 
1 - Bottle Prime&Bond elect Adhesive (2mL) 
1 - Bottle Self Cure Activator (2mL) 
25 - Mixing Tips 
25 - Intraoral Tips 
10 - Endo Intraoral Tips 
1 - ClixDish Mixing Well 
50 - Flocked Applicator Tips 
50 - Root Canal Applicator Tips

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