Implant Center 2 LED Starter Kit

ActeonSKU: 326-F27168

  • Highly reliable I-SURGE LED motor with its high torque (6Ncm) and wide speed range (100-40000Rpm). Boosted, the Piezotome® LED handpiece contains 6 ceramic rings for faster and secure surgeries. 
  • Access to all dental treatments with the NEWTRON® LED handpiece. 
  • Patented technology for more preservation, efficacy and comfort. 
  • 3 functioning modes: - I-SURGE™ for implant surgeries (rotating motor) - Piezotome® for pre-implant ultrasonic bone surgery - NEWTRON® for all dental ultrasonic treatments.
  • Security: non active on soft tissue (selective cut). Bone preservation thanks to tips highly precise cut, linear vibrations, controlled and regular amplitude. 
  • Numerous robust tips strenghten by surface treatment to extend clinical applications. 
  • With the NEWTRON® LED handpiece, get access to over 80 different dental care tips, with exclusive designs, alloys and coatings. 
  • Automatic frequency adjustment for maximal performance of each tip. Real-time power regulation for constant performances and effortless cut. 
  • Large multi-functional progressive footswitch. Autoclavable or single use irrigation lines available. Regular irrigation flow thanks to the specific pump/cassette system. 
  • Long-lasting accessories (wrench, tips, handpiece). 
  • Comfort for both patient and practitioner with secure and effortless cut, better tactile sense and reduced post-operative pain.
Product NameWrenches
Dimensions5.4 x 4 x 5.2

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