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Reverse Preparation Set
Neo Diamond 1112 to 1923Neo Diamond 1112 to 1923
FG Burs 10/PkFG Burs 10/Pk
House Brand FG Burs 10/Pk
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FG-Surgical Length 5/PkFG-Surgical Length 5/Pk
HP Lab CarbidesHP Lab Carbides
FG Carbide Burs 100/Pk - SS WhiteFG Carbide Burs 100/Pk - SS White
Endo-Z 21mm 3/Pk
Multi-Use Diamonds 6/Pk - RoundMulti-Use Diamonds 6/Pk - Round
Neo Diamond 0110 to 0918Neo Diamond 0110 to 0918
NTI Guide Pin Diamonds 5/PkNTI Guide Pin Diamonds 5/Pk
LA Axxess Kit 2.0
Carbide Lab Burs 3/8" Dual Cut RegularCarbide Lab Burs 3/8" Dual Cut Regular
Burs Carbide Sterile FGSL 25/Roll
Defend Diamond Burs 10/PkDefend Diamond Burs 10/Pk
Bur Block Universal
Diamond FG 811-048M 5/Pk
Superdent Superdent Bur 100/Pk FG 2
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Superdent Diamond FG 847-012M 5/Pk
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